May 10th, 2020 @ 6:00pm EST

About this event

From the creators of YOUR CITY IS BLIND, we present to you PHILLY IS BLIND ♥️. Based on everyone's favorite Netflix binge, Love is Blind, we're bringing this concept to the city 👏

Who says you can't find love in quarantine? Here's how it'll work 👇👇👇

Season 1 will start with heterosexual couples. (if your gender fluid/bisexual, even better 😉). Find the link to apply here.

If you just wanna spectate, we're keeping this info private 👀, so we can really test the "Is love really blind?" theory. We've got a special private Facebook group to join: You must register and get a ticket to get into the group.

What's inside the group? Oh. Only the HOTTEST TEA. And no, we aren’t talking about your standard green tea. The TEA is the ~hot gossip~, the juicy “411” if you will. You’ll get to see what the participants look like, who’s into who (or who’s not into who), live dates, taped confessionals from participants in the pods + MORE.

Cannot stress how HOT the TEA WILL BE IN THIS GROUP ☕️ 🔥 (if you are chosen for the pod, you cannot be in this group..for obvious reasons). 

Let's do this 💓 Is love REALLY blind?

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May 10th, 2020 @ 6:00pm EST
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